Start Here!

Getting Started. In what gear are you operating in today?

There is no wrong place to start. The clearer you know where you are, the better are your chances of making it to your destination.


You are running in reverse if your net worth is decreasing. You are buying more stuff that does not hold any value or decreases in value. For more information click: Get unstuck and start moving forward


You are in neutral if you’re not moving. This means that your net worth is at a standstill. It’s not going up or down at the present moment. For more information click: Get moving forward


You are now driving! The majority of you in first gear are there because you have bought your first home. This is moving you forward in increasing your net worth because the value of the home is increasing over time. However, this is not an asset that guaranties that you won’t fall into neutral or reverse. There is a big threat of falling back if you are not conscious of the choices you make with your money. For more information click:  Get on the road and stay on the road


Great, you are starting to gain some momentum now. This is fantastic! You are learning a few things about the way money works and you are being careful about making investment decisions.

You have started investing in assets that are increasing in value and, by the same token, increasing your net worth. Now you are starting to learn how to create a passive income in order to start living a different life, a life closer to the ideal you have in mind. It’s now time to learn more wealth strategies that will shift you into third gear. For more information click: Going faster in the first lane


Congratulations! You are gaining more momentum. Can you feel it? You know the importance of increasing your net worth because you made it happen.

Take a moment here to applaud yourself. Most people will stop at second gear because they have a hard time getting over the fear that comes up. They actually fear making more money and playing a bigger game. This is where the mindset change needs to happen. You either succeed in changing your mindset, or you don’t get to the next gear or you even fall back. Being in third gear is a totally different game. You feel great and empowered, seeing what’s coming next for you.

You now know how to start building passive income and you are implementing the strategies. You are feeling confident in your ability to make it happen. You are starting to drive in the fast lane. For more information click: Changing to the fast lane


WOW! You’re now comfortably increasing your net worth. You have also learned a lot of new strategies on how to increase it with a creative twist on things.

You are also comfortable with creating opportunities for you to make passive income in your business or businesses. You understand how money works. Now you are getting really excited to share how you have done it with your friends and family so that they can understand it too.

The fast lane is your home now. You do not go back to the slow lane. If, by the slim chance you do, you will be able to make it back to the fast lane in a short amount of time. For more information click: Going faster in the fast lane


You are the wealth engineer of your life! What can I say? You have mastered the Wealth Gear System. Maybe, you would like to join me in a higher level. I would love for you to share your insight and experience in getting there. You might even consider joining my family by becoming a Wealth Gear Coach or an affiliate. For more information click: Cruising in the fast lane

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